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Arriving Home thru Nature

Fox Pen, Hortense, GA~ October 10-13, 2024

I’m so excited to invite you to my family property for this luxury camping-style retreat that will allow you to combine the beautiful yins & yangs of life. You can expect a weekend of yoga, meditation, herbalism, plant medicine making, outdoor playtime, soul nourishing meals, and a sense of deep connection.



Step onto this 140 acre property in Southeast Georgia and you’ll immediately find yourself mesmerized by the abundance of nature that surrounds you. You’ll surely feel the history as well, dating back to millions of years, when sharks swam where the ferns and fan palms currently reside. 

The land was acquired by my dad, Doyle, in 1999. I was just 10 years old. At that time, the only man-made structures on it were the tiny wooden cabin and the “whiskey stand,” where fox hunters would sit and watch their dogs chase the fox (we were not around for that, so don’t know the outcome of these fox and hounds). 

Doyle decided to keep the name, and picked up on the theme around Joel Chandler Harris’ charming tales of “Bre’r Fox, Bre’r Bear, and Bre’r Rabbit,” later made into Disney’s movie “Song of the South”. Each cabin and trail is named after one of the Remus characters.

At Fox Pen, it’s as if you’ve escaped to a different time, with everything moving slower, nature doing its own thing around you, and not much of anything to do but play, relax and enjoy life’s simplicities.

Today, there are 5 cabins that have been hand built and designed by Doyle & friends. We have beds to comfortably sleep 20 people, and plenty of outdoor space for tents. See below for your accommodation options.


Meet the owners of Fox Pen!

My parents, Lee & Doyle Watson, have been married for 40 years, and have spent much of their married life playing outdoors in some capacity.

Fox Pen is one of Doyle’s favorite places, as he sees it like one big playground. Through building new cabins, moving limbs with his tractor, tending to his garden and chickens, creating new trails and “parks”, hunting for quail or deer, he stays active and “present”. The active part happens no matter where he is, but the “present” part disappears when he’s elsewhere (always thinking “what else can be done at Fox Pen?”). His longterm dream has been for others to enjoy the space as much as he has over the past 23 years, and what better way than for his daughter to host wellness retreats in this space!

When Lee is on the property, she can be found with her hands in the soil, tending to the 7 hens and 2 roosters, or preparing a delicious cobbler and homemade ice cream!

You’ll find them both bopping around throughout the weekend and likely participating in many of the retreat activities!

Choose where you'll rest!

There are 5 cabins, 3 of which accommodate retreat guests with AC/heat, running water, and their own unique rustic charm (Uncle Remus, Briar Patch & Bunkhouse). You can also opt to put up a tent! Go to the Fox Pen Website to see the layout of each cabin.

You can pay in full below for a 5% discount, or pay the downpayment via the other buttons and pay the remaining over a 2 months span via venmo or zelle.

Briar Patch

This cabin is our most spacious and private option, with a bunk bed of full and twin mattresses, it’s own kitchen and a full bathroom. It is reserved for 2 people retreating together. The price you see below is to be split between two. 

The actual price for this full cabin is $2,650. The price below is with the 5% off for paying in full.

Uncle Remus - Queen Bedroom

This is our second most private option, sharing a bathroom with the Bunk Room below. It is reserved for a single person who wants more space to themselves.

The actual price for this room is $1,350. The price below is with the 5% off for paying in full.

Uncle Remus - Bunk Beds

This bedroom has a full size bed on the bottom and a twin top. It shares a bathroom with the Queen Room above. This room is reserved for 2 people traveling together who want a little bit of privacy. The price you see below is to be split between 2 people.

The actual price for this room is $2,450. The price below is with the 5% off for paying in full.

Bunk House

This is a shared “dormroom” style bunk, with 5 bunk beds. For privacy between bunks, there are dropdown curtains on all sides. There is 1 indoor full bathroom and 1 outdoor shower. This is also where the communal kitchen is, where a lot of the meal prep happens. 

The actual price for a Bunk House Bed $1,000. The price below is with the 5% off for paying in full.

Tent Camping

For those of you who want to most fully connect to Mother Earth during your 3 day stay, this is your best option. There are plenty of places throughout the land for you to choose from, whether you’d prefer to be close to the group or tucked away in your own private haven! 

The actual price for tent camping is $800. The price below is with the 5% off for paying in full.

What’s Included:

  • Comfortable bedding for 3 nights
  • Meals & snacks from Friday night to Sunday morning
  • Beverages: coffee, tea, club soda, dinner wine
  • 6 yoga sessions with Evan
  • Nature walk, plant foraging & medicine making
  • Tractor trailor property tour by owner, Doyle Watson
  • Guided journaling and open discussion led by Evan
  • Games galore – shuffle board, corn hole, cards, plenty board games, and coloring!
  • Bonfire fun!
  • Access to 140 fenced and gated acres adjoining Satilla Creek
  • Star gazing like nothing you’ll see in light polluted areas
  • Abundance of wild life – deer, turkey, Barred Owls, raccoons, fox, snakes
  • Biking – we have 2, option to bring your own trail bike!

What’s Not Included:

  • Travel to/from Fox Pen
  • While all bedding is included, towels are not. Please bring your own wash clothes and shower towels.
  • While there is 1 pillow per person, you may like to bring extra pillows for comfort. 

The weather in this coastal Georgia area is usually wonderful, starting to get cool with very little rain. However, the metal roofs mean that rainfall is very peaceful out at Fox Pen, and there is plenty of space to hang out under cover if the rain decides to fall.

All meals will be thoughtfully curated to be a nice balance of healthy for the body and soul nourishing. A lot will come directly from Fox Pen property (ie. eggs, herbs, lettuce). Doyle will roast oysters one night and possibly fry fish another night. We may have a greek guest who will prepare mouth watering Greek Food! Evan will also be sure to incorporate some of her Ayurvedic favorites (ie. roasted apples for the morning and kitchari for the evening)

Definitely not! This is your vacation, so you do exactly what you want! While we do believe that it’s the group connection that will really make this experience magical, you do not have to join anything that doesn’t make you feel absolutely DIVINE. Instead, you could explore the land on your own, read a book in the sunshine, nap in your cabin, or anything else your heart desires!

That’s totally okay – we’ve all been newbies at some point. Evan will lovingly guide you throughout it all and answer any questions that come up throughout the journey, no matter your experience level. And if something doesn’t sit with you for whatever reason, you are free to walk away and find something else that feels nourishing, no questions asked!

The various “sign me up” buttons throughout this page will guide you through the process. All you have to do to reserve your room is fill out the registration form and pay your NON-REFUNDABLE AND NON-TRANSFERABLE deposit! Then Evan will be in touch with you to set up your payment plan!

Payment can be made in full on the website (FOR A 5% DISCOUNT), or a payment plan is available. The $300 deposit will secure your spot in the retreat. The balance can then be paid in two (2) payments after the deposit, to be paid in full within 60 days of registration. 

 All payments must be made on the agreed upon schedule. If for any reason, the guest delays any payment by more than 10 business days, we reserve the right to cancel the guest’s reservation or charge a 10% delay fee.

1st payment: a NON-REFUNDABLE & NON-TRANSFERABLE deposit of $300 is needed to reserve your spot.

2nd payment: 50% of the remaining price should be paid 30 days later.

3rd payment: the final 50% should be paid 30 days later (making a total of 60 days after paying deposit).


If you must cancel, do so before August 1 to receive 100% of the payment outside of the deposit.

If you cancel between August 2-September 1, we can refund you 50% of the total fee (outside of the deposit). 

If you cancel between September 2-time of the retreat, we will not be able to provide a refund. However, you can transfer it to someone else.



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