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Through yoga & travel, I have found spiritual freedom and a sense of profound connection. My goal is to help my clients find the same through guidance both on and off the mat.

After every retreat, I find myself in awe at how quickly and fully groups of people can get to know each other. Every group I’ve led has had the sense that they were family at the end of the retreat. I’ll never forget when one woman expressed, while coloring and laughing after dinner, “we just met yesterday and I feel like I’ve known y’all my whole life”! 

Each retreat experience is unique, and yet they all feel life changing. I hope that you can join our growing retreat community through Flow Into Yoga to deeply explore both your internal and external worlds.


Our first retreat was taken July 2022 ~ Yoga & Sailing Retreat through the Greek Cyclades. We were 14 women & 7 crew members on 3 sailboats for a week. Can you imagine 7 days on a sail boat with your fellow women, touring some of the most beautiful islands in the world?! From practicing yoga with the dreamiest views, learning new tricks like paddle boarding and snorkeling, dancing the night away in Greek clubs, taking celebratory shots of Ouzo with locals, and even going topless in that cold Mediterranean water – WE FREED OURSELVES!

Each woman took on one of the Greek Goddess personas – this is where the Goddess Getaway Retreats stemmed from 😉

All the women in the Goddess Getaway expressed how precious it was to have an opportunity to spend quality time with just women of all ages and backgrounds for 5 days straight. There’s a depth that we can reach with each other and ourselves when we momentarily pull away from the linear, masculine constructs and sink into our cyclical, feminine energies in unison.

Fox Pen was so special because the 12 of us were together from the moment we woke up until the moment we went to bed, so by the last night, everyone was sitting around the dinner table and fire like they had known each other forever, like sitting peacefully with family after the thanksgiving meal. And to top it off, I experienced the land in a way that I never had before, finally feeling the peace and quiet that my dad has referred to my whole life and I never quite understood (due to mostly going during party weekends in my adulthood and always made to do manual labor out there while growing up). That said, my dad and I are both very excited to continue sharing the property for other retreats in the near future!

Beth, my co-host, describes it wonderfully on her CounterTalks blog if you’d like more reading 🙂

As written post retreat on instagram…

Each of us showed up fully, allowing that deep inner knowing of #intuition to rise to the surface and for us to connect fully from spirit ✨

It created #magic , where someone consistently brought something to the table that everyone else could relate with and needed to hear 🙏

Where people rested when they needed to, or simply moved in a way that genuinely felt inviting for THEIR BODY 👣

Where every woman was encouraged with applause, cheers or a hug when they went out of their comfort zone (like trying new food, scuba diving for the first time, or conquered a new yoga pose) 👏

The water, plants and moon guided us into more #softness with ourselves and one another 🌕

What was originally some women who kinda knew each other or didn’t at all is now a circle of friends who can turn to one another when they really need to be heard from a state of full #presence , supported like trees in the forest 🌳🌳🌳

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