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Through yoga & travel, I have found spiritual freedom. And I aim to help my clients find the same.

"Thank you so much for the practice this evening. I always feel so refreshed after your yin class! Today's practice gave me an opportunity to slow down and turn inward. I especially liked the theme (I have a genuine interest in the gut/brain connection). The back openers were helpful to counteract bad posture. The timing was good. Counting our breaths per minute was helpful in staying grounded. Despite the class being virtual your voice still comes across very soothing (wonderful for a yin class) & has a good cadence. I like the ""between now and three breaths from now"" transition that you sometimes do. I like learning which poses/postures are associated with solar plexus chakra & how they relate to/can help with physical conditions. I always enjoy savasana & liked the story/poem this evening."
Mary Lawrance McAfee
Houston, TX - Class Yin
"I felt such a renewed sense of community from class tonight, especially beneficial during this quarantine. Physically - this is a screenshot I took after I did your sacral chakra YouTube class and WOW. Just wow. My heart rate went down to 44 bpm in shavasana and I can't even fathom that. I've been stressed to the max recently so that's just pure magic. Your voice is superb and comes through so clearly. I also loved the long silent pauses once we settled into a pose - gave my brain time to slow. My favorite part was definitely the beginning. You have such a way of easing us into practice and planting a seed to carry throughout. Thank you so much for putting your heart into your work!"
Dani Epling
Class Yin
"I benefited by tonight's practice by really recognizing my heart and space around it. You helped establish the right environment with your kind pacing and clear instruction of the anatomy, which is always so helpful to me, a novice in yoga asana and pranayama. Of course, I could not achieve some of the entire postures' but I'm achieving more patience and acceptance and really try to relax into what I can do. I love your voice and commitment to keeping things calm in this yin class."
Judy Dearborn
Class Yin
"Excellent class! I loved jumping from crow back into vinyasa. And all the jumps to the front of mat. My top moment was the balancing in down dog. I had never done that before and I love testing my balance. I love that poem you read. And I think your voice and direction is lovely. "
Flow Into Yoga Testimonials
Chealsea Grinstead
Charleston - Class Core Power
"Evan is an extremely knowledgeable and beautiful teacher of the art of yoga. She leads with her heart and easily and effortlessly adapts the practice to her students. She keeps every adult and child engaged, and she touches on very important life information. She makes topics on breathing and healthy expression of emotions feel like a bedtime story. My daughter has learned so much and is paying attention to her whole body in ways she didn’t prior to meeting Evan. Evan encourages and uplifts!"
Suzy Cabannis
Charleston - Mom & Kids Yoga
"You are SO lovely, that class was pure magic as always. You do such a seamless job of making us feel like we're really there with ya despite it being virtual! I teetered in delta brain wave state for most of the class 🙂 So calm! Sometimes my mind is such a tangle, but your classes really help me center!"
Dani Epling
Class Yin
"That was amazing! Thank you so much for that gorgeous class! Definitely built up a sweat and feeling so much more energized and calm 🙂 Loved it!"
Lizzie Hall - Pilates Instructor
London - Class Vinyasa
"Thank you so so much for having me today! My body really needed to breathe and open up! And YOU are such a beautiful and magical human!!"
Makayla McIntosh
Vancouver, British Columbia - Class Vinyasa
"I've been trying to step up my fitness routine lately. Evan's restorative yoga classes give me a chance to check in with my body and help settle down at the end of the day. Each time, without fail, there are at least a couple moments where the flow will open something up and Evan anticipates exactly how my body wants to move with it. It makes me want to unmute myself so she can hear what started as a surprise and has become laughter at how effective Evan is. The feelings pair well with the intention setting included in each session, to make for an expansive, reflective exercise that feels like a dialogue. I could (and do) practice yoga on my own, but joining Evan each week is really special."
Anders Kosnett
Boston, Massachusetts - Class Yin
"I'm feeling really sad that you're leaving this area (and me). In 2 1/2 years, I feel like I'm just getting the benefits of yoga (internally and externally) for which I am very grateful. It took me that long to be open enough to ask for more personal help by asking you to practice privately with me. You have given me permission to accept and be myself in whatever shape I've created. You're compassionate and empathetic and, not to mention, very skilled at Asana practice along with the spiritual component which drives Yoga. This practice, along with Meditation is helping me see, know and experience the only real me, the true source inside. Yoga supports that entirely and slows my monkey mind long enough to actually enjoy the process of (very) patient transformation. I'm believing that, in time, I'll see myself in a much brighter light. You mentioned that you turned 30 in September. Can you tell me the exact day of your birthday? I'd like to remember you on that date in the future. Thank you, Evan, for your presence. I'm very grateful for you and your help to me. I will surely miss you."
Judy Dearborn
Asheville - Class Gentle
"Today was absolutely phenomenal! You are gifted and so beautiful with children. I love that you keep mixing it up for each class and how highly creative you are. We love you so much and will see you again tomorrow!"
Suzy Cabannis
Charleston - Mom & Kids Yoga
"One word to describe Evan and her class: connected. Evan's connection to spirit and source is felt throughout every sequence and asana. Not only is she a wealth of nowledge about the human body and alignment withint the physical self, but she also provides a spiritual element that aligns to the soul. Her flow was challenging and creative which is something I look forward to in my practice. All infused with tons of love and heart opening practices. If you ever get a chance to take one of Evan's classes, I highly recommend it!:
Gina Patrick
St. Simons Island - Class Power
"Evan, you've been such a positive force in my life. I'm ever so grateful. You live what you preach and I respect that."
Judy Dearborn
"The mindfulness and breathing exercises are one of the reasons why I love your classes. The exercises help me take a mental break and relax. My favorite part was the poem to go along with the mantra & the variations of Child's pose. I also enjoyed the pose with our foreheads on our hands while laying down that we did after sphinx (I think)."
Mary Lawrance McAfee
Houston, TX - Class Yin
"We loved your yoga class today - thanks so much!"
Jess (daughter Bella)
Charleston - Mom & Kids Yoga
"Thank you again so much for all of the fun energy around body awareness and breathing! I absolutely love how interactive your classes are and that you encourage the kids to connect, speak up, and even take the lead!...We create so much magic together and I just love it!"
Suzy Cabannis
Charleston - Mom & Kids Yoga
"Without hyperbole, the retreat in Greece with Evan was transformational. Evan curated an experience that was joyful, inclusive, authentic, and loving. This allowed participants to show up exactly as they needed to, and to receive from the experience exactly what they needed. Evan is a gifted teacher, and as a host she ensured the safety and comfort of each guest with exceptional care and attention to detail. I am so looking forward to the next retreat with Evan, no matter where it is."
Angela Smith
Asheville - Retreat Greece
"What I "saw" in you almost immediately, in a YW yoga class, was your Spirit, a shining light in you that I felt a resonance towards. You seem to let that "light" guide your life. I think all good things stem from that part of you. As for your knowledge of all things Yoga, including Asana, Pranayama, Ayurveda practices, nutrition, etc., you are on the road toward this expertise. Your guidance in Asana practice alone shows a sensitivity and a teaching ability that communicates well to the student (me). And now, with our latest commitment towards my Wellness journey, I believe you, your knowledge and, most of all your compassion and kindness."
Judy Dearborn
Asheville - Class Gentle
"I can't get over how amazing you were on this trip! I miss your yoga classes and feel so lucky I can have you as an instructor (& friend) here in CHS 🙂 I am sad I won't be able to go next year since I am taking time off for my honeymoon but would recommend your trip to anyone! Thank you so much again for everything. xx"
Annie Bergquist
Charleston - Retreat Greece
"I've never been good with words, but please know how grateful I am that you brought together such an incredible group of women for the trip of a lifetime. Your leadership, guidance, and infectious good vibes meant everything. Thank you!!"
Shelly McComb
Charleston - Retreat Greece
"1. What benefits did you get from the retreat at large? How did it make you feel mind-body-spirit?

The yoga retreat was amazing for all of my mind, body, and soul! It was amazing being surrounded by such incredible women, disconnecting from my phone and the everyday stressors of real life. It was the perfect balance of free time, group time, with no pressure to do anything you did not want to do.

2. Share a highlight!

My favorite part was when we anchored at a cove and had hours of waterplay! Seeing everyone's inner kid come out with the paddle boards, snorkeling, and jumping off the boat was the most fun/carefree moment.

3. How did the daily yoga classes make you feel in the moment and throughout the trip?

Incredible. Evan was so supportive of all levels and made us feel so relaxed and comfortable. Traveling can be tough on the body so the daily yoga was the perfect way to stretch your body and induce a bit of a routine while on vacation.

4. How did Evan support you both on the mat and while traveling?

Evan was so amazing at helping us recognize and validate how we're feeling and always kept us in the loop about what the plan is. During yoga, she helped with adjustments and made the classes so peaceful and mindful.

5. Describe your sense of belonging with the group. Would it have been the same were you traveling alone or with a group of friends?

I traveled with one friend so was meeting the rest of the group for the first time (minus the intro Zoom call with everyone) and loved meeting and connecting with each person on the trip. It was a great sized group- large enough to do your own thing when you want, but small enough to build connections and relationships with each person.

6. If you would go on a Get Lost sailing retreat again with Evan, please explain why?

I would go on another Get Lost trip with Evan because of how organized she was which allowed me to take a back seat and go with the flow for a stress-free experience.

7. If you would go on another retreat in a different location with Evan, please explain why?

I want to travel everywhere in the world so I am a huge fan of going to new places. I would trust that Evan finds the best spot with the best guides! "
Annie Bergquist
Charleston - Retreat Greece
"I love, love, love all of the shamanic allies we're getting to know!"
Suzy Cabannis
Charleston - Mom & Kids Yoga
"Evan's approach to my continued “wellness” was personalized just for me. She always exhibited a positive attitude, no matter my negative defensiveness at the time. This persistence always opened a new door of understanding for me that I now incorporate into my everyday life. Her compassion has helped me understand my motives, to be more self compassionate during periodic changes, and resolve to return to the good and healthy self that I’ve always been “on the inside.” I’ve been able to bring myself wholly into the present with the proper and timely guidance that Evan gave me in relation to exercise, food and life!!"
Judy Dearborn
Asheville - Class Be Well Transformation
"The Tarot reading was so much fun! Not only that, but Evan's expertise paired with my own intuition made the whole experience very eye opening. I was able to apply the reading in a way that really resonated with the current events in my life. If you are working through a problem in your head, I highly recommend you turn to Evan for a Tarot reading!"
Whitney Carter
St. Simons Island - Class Tarot Card Reading

Why People Work With Me

To learn intuitive movement on & off the mat.

To learn wellness habits that fit with their mind, body, spiritual & lifestyle needs.

To keep these feel-good habits for a lifetime.

To be encouraged to “keep it up” by someone who believes in their strength, stability & flexibility!

No experience, fitness level or body type are necessary.

To live in a way that has their spirit liberated & deeply connected to the surrounding world.

Always Remember That

You are free to let go of what no longer serves you.

You are deserving of feeling your best.

You are intricately connected to the highest good, and therefore are fully supported in your path towards wellness in mind, body & spirit.