The Spirit Of Christmas – Includes a Story and a Yin Yoga Class Gift for You

Merry Christmas, Friends! I have a story to share about the Christmas Spirit, as it was taught to me as a child.

Merry Christmas, Friends!

I have a story to share about the Christmas Spirit, as it was taught to me as a child.

I was a very curious and mischievous little girl. And every Christmas from the time I was about 6/7, I found something that made me question the truth around Santa Clause. You guessed it – I was snooping for gifts in precarious places, and found them! One Christmas Eve, when I was 9/10, I was “really thirsty”. My sister and I had a pallet made in the playroom (keeping us as far back away from the downstairs living room as possible). She encouraged me to get tap water from the bathroom sink, but I insisted I had to go downstairs for the cold water from the fridge. I was appalled to see mom, dad and grand-mommy setting up all of our gifts – whattttt!???!! I ran back into the playroom to report what I saw. My sister laughed at me, saying “duh Santa is not real, but you’ve known that for years – remember all the gifts you’ve found?” No I didn’t know, I just assumed that was the parents in cahoots with the big guy. I was devastated, and obviously didn’t sleep a wink that night.

Christmas morning called for a family conversation, though I’m not sure who was in more trouble and therefore who started the conversation. After back and forth of who was in the wrong, Dad explained that Santa is very much real – he is the SPIRIT OF LOVE. He was there when I saw them setting up the gifts, when were opening the gifts, and the night before as we were happily eating our Christmas dinner – we just can’t see him. Santa is all around us, whenever we need that special LOVING SPIRIT.

And it hit me during Monday night’s Christmas Themed Mom & Kids Yoga class that LOVE is the magic sauce that allows Santa to travel the world, reaching every single child who believes all in one night! Because love transcends time and space, it can be reached anytime and anywhere that a person needs it. So that would mean that our happy, jolly Santa friend can also be found any time we need a little boost! Now I get why the adult character in “I Believe In Santa” was so obsessed with the guy (SIDENOTE: this is a cheesy Netflix movie that remind us that THE SPIRIT OF LOVE can conquer all, and you’ve gotta watch it!)

And where does love come from? The heart of course! The Heart Chakra is said to be the chakra of love, compassion and connection. So it’s true then what The Polar Express taught the doubting boy ~ “the true spirit of Christmas lies in your heart”. And our heart can be full when we allow our mind and body to connect – in other words, FIND PRESENCE. Presence is the best present. Also, physically opening the heart space through stretching and breathing into the chest, shoulders, arms and hands enhances blood flow, thus energy AND relaxation – win, win, win.

All that said – if you find yourself more like the Scrooge than Clause over this next week, take a few moments to yourself to breathe, meditate and stretch. It’ll work wonders for your state of presence and you will exude a higher form of love. Just test it out 🙂

A Meditation To Find Presence

If you need help presencing yourself, try a seated meditation using the counting method. Set your timer for the allotted time you feel is realistic (recommended minimum 5 minutes). Find a comfortable seat, let your body relax with a few cleansing breaths (in through the nose, signing out of the mouth). Then count each breath cycle up to 10 – inhale/exhale (1), inhale/exhale (2), inhale/exhale (3) and so on. Once you reach 10, start over with 1. If you get distracted and lose count, don’t worry about it and just start over at 1.

Here is also a guided meditation on Body & Spirit by Tara Brach, which I just practiced and it put me in another dimension. I think you’ll like it too – make it happen by blocking out 20 minutes of time, getting yourself cozy and pressing play 🙂


A Yin Yoga Practice To Relax Mind-Body-Spirit

I recorded a Yin Yoga Class taught at Vendr a few weeks ago. This is a company downtown that I have been teaching their employees every week, and I just love it! It was a full moon day and everyone was feeling quite tired, so this class in particular was all about releasing what no longer serves and relaxing completely (great to practice on a full moon, or any day that things feel heavy). Gift yourself this moment to relax so that you can be fully present with your loved ones and exude your highest state of love.

If you enjoy this class, please HIT SUBSCRIBE to my Youtube channel, scroll through for various class styles, and stay tuned for more recent recordings to be released next year!

I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas, filled with love, peace, joy, and all the other sweetness that life has to offer. May you find time to rest, nourish, get active, and in general do the things that bring you happiness. Thank you for being on my yoga, wellness & adventure team – I’ll see you next year!!

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Merry Christmas, Friends! I have a story to share about the Christmas Spirit, as it was taught to me as a child.

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