Gratitude: Word of the Week & of the Yogic Path

What happens when you express thanks for all that you have?

I like when the dawn, or a tree, so touches my heart, my eyes fill with tears and thanks. – Hafiz


Whatever is going on right now, give thanks for it. Even if it’s a crisis that’s stripped your heart bare. You can’t see it now, but it’s all happening for you. You’ve survived 100% of all your blessings and traumas to date, and all of them have created a unique force field that wouldn’t exist without your journey. And gratitude expands that force field. Use it to manifest a life of wonder.


*This was the affirmation card that just happened to be pulled by one of the little girls at the start of Mom & Kids yoga Monday night. And it was the exact topic I was planning to teach on, with it being the week before Thanksgiving. Synchronicity or chance? You decide!*

Happy Thanksgiving, Friends!


I’m currently cozy over the fireplace at Fox Pen, the family farm. My parents and I are watching a movie and preparing to eat some veggie soup. Yes, I’m a multitasker – hence why I depend on meditation 🙂


My yoga kids and I talked Monday night about the concept of GRATITUDE. It’s a favorite word around this time of year, as well as in the yoga community throughout the year! Some of the comments I got from the kids about gratitude are:


“It’s being thankful for all my friends and family”


“It’s when you don’t want what your friends have because you know you have enough”


“It’s like when my dad cried when I was born and then I cried when I heard that he cried”


After chatting about the concept, we then imagined that we were a mountain, then the trees, then all the animals making friends with one another in the forest as we moved through our yoga practice. We expressed thanks to one another, to the sun, to the wind, to our bodies and to our breath. We laughed, played, and got quiet to notice our breath and “cozy up” in our animal holes, exploring our imaginary forest as well as our tangible bodies. It was absolutely magical!

And did you know that you can do the same? You too can arrive fully in your body, on your mat. You too can imagine a life outside of the tangible moment, while simultaneously feeling all the sensations right then and there. You too can play, explore, wonder at all that is and all that you dream of.


And you too can express gratitude – for the sunshine, the trees, your body, your breath, your loves, laughter, all that makes life worthwhile….on and off your mat EVERY SINGLE DAY.


To practice for a moment, I invite you to bring your hands to our heart – Anjali Mudra/Prayer Position. Imagine you’re holding all the things (tangible and intangible) that you are thankful for in between the palm of your hands. You might even peak inside to see it all there. As you breathe it in, notice how happy it makes you feel. And as you breathe out, notice a sense of ease, remembering you have everything that you need right now.


This is peace….in mind, body, soul. I wish it for you and your family this week and all weeks to come.



One of my favorite podcasts talks about another favorite Thanksgiving topic: Overwhelm, Anxiety & Navigating Complicating Family Dynamics. Check it out here: Empower Her. Give it a listen while driving down to be with your family or taking a breather away from the crowd.

If you’re a mom in Charleston, bring the little ones to Mom & Kids Yoga on Monday nights, 5:30, or Sundays at 11:30 in Mount Pleasant. Moms have been hosting these practice sessions at various houses now that it’s cold, so reach out and I’ll give you the address for that given week. And if you know any Charleston moms, please pass this newsletter onto them!


As always, thank you so much for being on my yoga, wellness & adventure team. I hope you have a Thanksgiving filled with gratitude, love and joy!

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What happens when you express thanks for all that you have?

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