2023 Year in Review for FIY

It was a big year! And in order to continue moving forward, I always find it helpful to look back to see what went well and maybe what did not so that things can go differently in the future. So here's a little snapshot of what went on with the business side of things...

I love a solid timeline!

January – Continued the teaching of mothers and their children, which I started (again) in 2022. I taught Kids Yoga a good bit while living in Asheville from 2016-2019! We still meet up about once a month, either at someones home or a park – it’s absolutely lovely <3

February 15-20 – Took advantage of a house that I had booked in Sedona, AZ for a retreat which didn’t happen for various reasons. It was a sad (and stressful period) leading up to this moment, but had my retreat partner and I not had to cancel, I would not have had this very special experience with my mom and good friend from my Peace Corps Volunteering days.

March 2 – No longer teaching at CPY. There were a lot of mixed emotions with this decision, and it was a sad day, but it was for the best…when one door closes, another door opens!

March 2023 – Received Certification for 32 Hours Mandala Massage Thai Foundations, taught by Brian Hoke, giving me the ability to offer “Assisted Yoga with Thai Techniques”. This is an energy healing practice that began in Thailand as a true medicine – massage therapists were seen as doctors when it began 5K+ years ago. And for good reason, as it has so many benefits for the mind, body AND spirit: increasing blood flow and oxygenation throughout the body, enhances energy, mobility and flexibility, and improves digestion. See more benefits here in my instagram post about Thai Massage here.

January – July – Taught the group of men and women at Still Worthy, a drug and alcohol residential treatment center on Johns Island. We practiced Vinyasa and Yin, and were always laughing together throughout each class! I learned and grew so much with this group of magnificent people, and am hoping that we can continue working together again in 2024.

July 20-22 – Attended the Asheville Yoga Festival for  “Continuing Education” with Angela Smith, my partner for the St. Croix Retreats. I had attended in the past as volunteer when living in Asheville, so I was right at home! We did SUP yoga on the French Broad River, one of the oldest rivers in the world and one of two that runs North instead of South. I learned so much! A yoga dance flow from Rebecca Rasmussen; being more playful in practice with Dianne Bondy; all sorts of pranayama that I had never heard of with Nishita Shah; yin story-time with Amanda Giacomini; and party yoga time with MC Yogi. What a powerful community that yoga creates! Watch this video from the weekend about “what is yoga“.

August – Transitioned with Vendr into teaching their employees virtually from going into the office. Since they are a global company, they have employees all over the world, so the face-to-face was not conducive to their needs. We now rotate between a 30 minute easy vinyasa and a 20 minute meditation each week, with the intention that anyone can do the practice directly from their desk and in their work clothes. Practice this 30 minute slow flow, taught to the Vendr employees a few weeks ago 🙂


September 19-24 – Lead the 5 day Goddess Getaway at Feather Leaf Inn, St. Croix, alongside my friend, Angela Smith. We were served plant based meals, largely with foods local to St. Croix or the property itself. Strangers became like family. We snorkeled and scuba-dived, becoming one with the turtles, sting rays, octopi, squid and colorful fishies. We basked in the glory of having nothing in particular to do in the salt-water pool, hammocks and around the dinner table. And it’s happening again in April 2024!

October 5-8 – Had a blast hosting a retreat at Fox Pen, located in Hortense, GA. This is a 140 acre property that has been in my family since 1999. Two back to back retreats will never be done again, but if it hadn’t happened that way, it wouldn’t have happened, so I’m grateful for it! The experience was absolutely magical – connecting to the land that I grew up on in a more meaningful way, sharing in the experience with my dad who has been dreaming of this day for so long, and the profound connections built between the group of people who also came as strangers and left as family. Stay tuned for this to happen again next October!

Mid-October – Officially began offering “Assisted Yoga with Thai Techniques” as a paid service out of the wellness room of my home. Book your experience now.

November 6 – Started teaching yin at The Wonderer in downtown Charleston. Every Thursday at 5:30pm, but unfortunately only members can attend those. I’ll also be leading special events, in which case the public can sometimes come! Reach out if you’re interested in attending a 2 hour yin workshop on Sunday, January 21st, 4:00-6:00. 

And that’s a wrap! If you’d like to work together for 2024, please email me at evan@flowintoyogallc.com!

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It was a big year! And in order to continue moving forward, I always find it helpful to look back to see what went well and maybe what did not so that things can go differently in the future. So here's a little snapshot of what went on with the business side of things...

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