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Goddess Getaway Yoga Retreat, St. Croix Recap

Finally, I get a moment to share about the Goddess Getaway in St. Croix, way back in April…while flying to Vermont for a family vacation! But first, a reflection on staying present while also allowing space for reflection & planning.

Lessons With The Wind

Finding oneness with self, my fellow sisters, and nature’s elements on a Healer’s Retreat in Bacalar Lagoon, Mexico.

2023 Year in Review for FIY

It was a big year! And in order to continue moving forward, I always find it helpful to look back to see what went well and maybe what did not so that things can go differently in the future. So here’s a little snapshot of what went on with the business side of things…

Goddess Getaway, St. Croix : Reflections Post Retreat

2 months ago today I left for St. Croix to host a Goddess Getaway Retreat. I was filled with an expected mix of excitement and nervousness. Angela and I had planned out the whole schedule, but as is life, some things you just can’t plan for, but rather open your 💜 to what will be.