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Flow Into Yoga

Flow Into Yoga offers private, partner or group classes in and around Charleston, SC, and can tailor the sessions to all yoga levels, abilities, and ages.

Leading wellness and adventure retreats both nationally and internationally, FIY also travels anywhere to coordinate and lead your private event with colleagues, family or friends!

Join FIY for a yogic journey to a healthy, awakened & liberated life.

Hi there, I’m Evan Watson, founder of Flow Into Yoga. This business is way more than just yoga! We are transforming people’s lives through mindful movement, wellness guidance & conscious travel. My upbringing traveling lead me to a profound appreciation for learning new cultures & exploring new lands. Getting into yoga at 15 taught me that I CAN be at peace in mind-body-soul. Together, travel & yoga have shown me the freedom and profound love that exists within ourselves and throughout the world.

Many credentials lead me to creating this business (Anthropology Major, Study Abroad in Barcelona, Peace Corps in the Philippines, 3 Day Silent Meditation in Thailand, MS in Sustainability Studies, & YTT 200 to name a few). I teach private and group classes around Charleston, to families, non-profits and corporate businesses, and lead excursions around the world. 

My missions using YOGA acronym: 

Y: to spread the mentality of YOGA as a lifestyle rather than just an exercise 

O: to connect people to their own ONENESS and that of every living being 

G: to empower people to GROW into their highest self in order to live their best life 

A: to provide people outlets to come back to their sense of ABUNDANCE when they get turned around

I believe

You are stronger than you think you are, deserving of living your very BEST LIFE and being your very BEST SELF.

You are deeply interconnected to the world around you & to the universe at large.

You have the power to live a healthier & fuller lifestyle.

Why People Work With Me

To learn intuitive movement on & off the mat.

To learn wellness habits that fit with their mind, body, spiritual & lifestyle needs.

To keep these feel-good habits for a lifetime.

To be encouraged to “keep it up” by someone who believes in their strength, stability & flexibility!

To live in a way that has their spirit liberated & deeply connected to the surrounding world.

No experience, fitness level or body type necessary.

What Clients Have To Say About Flow Into Yoga

Always Remember That

You are free to let go of what no longer serves you.

You are deserving of feeling your best.

You are intricately connected to the highest good, and therefore are fully supported in your path towards wellness in mind, body & spirit.

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